FOODFOOL Amsterdam

We don’t only lack vitamin D in this country but also a seafood culture, despite living so close to the sea, and this is exactly where Van Katwijk fish deli comes swimming to the stage.


The entire concept is increasing the consumption and use of sea food in our diets but with the highest quality ingredients and trained craftsmans who know more about fish than mermaids do. This is the one shop to buy your seafood raw for cooking at home or grabbing one of the delicious, ready-to-eat options such as sea food aperitif, sea food wraps, sandwiches, quiche, fillet, spreads and so on.


This shop is a dream come true for sea food lovers as they are extremely high in quality, competence, knowledge, and taste! The owner, Marinke, was inspired by the sea food culture of Southern Europe and decided to offer this amazing venue to all sea food lovers.


The dishes prepared here are extremely multi-cultural thanks to their amazing kitchen staff, who bring their background into the menu. You will find the best Dutch herring here, as well as a Thai Gamba sandwich, the freshest sashimi that melts in your mouth, and an eel wrap with such balanced fresh and creamy ingredients.


They also sell everything related to sea like cans of sardines, wine to pair with the food, or accessories for decoration, utility, and also wearing! This is a shop that would make a mermaid come out of the sea, and I am extremely thankful to have had the opportunity of visiting and meeting the lovely professionals behind Van Katwijk Vis Deli!